Diva Physique

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New Name, Same Awesome Physiques!

Formerly Diva Physique, we are now and forever will be known at Physiques of Women's Wrestling, or PHOWW for short! We are still the ONLY fansite dedicated to the fittest female physiques of wrestling's past and present ladies! Check out photos and videos of wrestling females from WWE, NXT, TNA, WCW, ECW, Shimmer, Ring of Honor, and all across the independent wrestling scene showcasing their hardbody physiques. 

We're always looking for new members to join Team PHOWW. If you would like to join, or have any comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the site, please email us at [email protected]. Also, feel free to use our official hashtag #PHOWW for all things Physiques of Women's Wrestling. And don't forget to follow us on your favorite social media outlets: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Hope you enjoy our site! 

We are a non-profit site, and are not affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment, Impact Wrestling (TNA), Ring of Honor, Shimmer Wrestling, or any other wrestling company. All material belongs to the original owners. Please support them.

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